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Spirit of the Plains,

Energize and clear your Space
with Rattles and Rhythmic Music
Dancing Otter Incense and Sage Smudge Sticks, 

Native Americans enjoyed creating art.
As  to their animal friends
many tools and artifacts were and still are 
made in such a way as to symbolize 
respect for these animals.
Many textiles and clothes carry designs
and of symbolic meaning.
Ceremonial tools, instruments weapons
were also considered a form of art, everything 
made was done with care and time.

Rabbit Fur with Imprinted drawing of a Bear by Cherokee American Indian.
To stay true to the traditions that Native Indian
people have developed over thousands of
years it is above all important to
truth, integrity peace.
Nizhoni aims to respect this by selling authentic and 
genuine Native Indian Arts and Crafts.
Please feel free to browse through our website and capture the sheer essence of our
Native Americans