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Smudge Feathers

Smudge Feathers

New Smudge Feathers in Stock.....
These smudge feathers are all made from selected birds feathers using
either back, wing or tail feathers and down fluffies.
The handles vary but most are made with felt and
artificial sinew ties with the addition of suede thonging and beads as described.
Each one is handmade using natural materials and techniques
and then ceremonially blessed in a traditional way.
Pheasant and Owl Smudge
Pheasant and Owl Smudge
Smudge feathers made with Pheasant Tail, Owl, Swan and Marabou fluffies. The handle is red felt tied with artificial sinew with beads of wood, bone, abalone shell, coral and turquoise gem chips.
Duck and Peacock Smudge
Smudge feathers made with Duck, Peacock and duck fluffies. The handle is turquoise felt with artificial sinew ties with beads of wood. crow and silver on suede and leather thonging.
Duck and Peacock Smudge
Duck and Owl Smudge
Duck and Owl Smudge
Single Large Duck feather with Owl and duck fluffies. The handle is double wrapped with orange and white felt and tied with suede and leather thonging embellished with beads of wood, crow and a silver conch.