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New Smudge Feathers in time for Xmas
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Native American Music and Dance
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Smudge Feathers
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Talking Sticks
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Smudge Feathers

New Smudge Feathers in Stock.....
These smudge feathers are all made from selected birds feathers using
either back, wing or tail feathers and down fluffies.
The handles vary but most are made with felt and
artificial sinew ties with the addition of suede thonging and beads as described.
Each one is handmade using natural materials and techniques
and then ceremonially blessed in a traditional way.
Pheasant and Owl Smudge
Pheasant and Owl Smudge
Smudge feathers made with Pheasant Tail, Owl, Swan and Marabou fluffies. The handle is red felt tied with artificial sinew with beads of wood, bone, abalone shell, coral and turquoise gem chips.
Duck and Peacock Smudge
Smudge feathers made with Duck, Peacock and duck fluffies. The handle is turquoise felt with artificial sinew ties with beads of wood. crow and silver on suede and leather thonging.
Duck and Peacock Smudge
Duck and Owl Smudge
Duck and Owl Smudge
Single Large Duck feather with Owl and duck fluffies. The handle is double wrapped with orange and white felt and tied with suede and leather thonging embellished with beads of wood, crow and a silver conch.

Talking Sticks

Ceremonial Talking Sticks by Navajo Artists including Curtis Bitsui and Cherokee Artist Wet Foot. Lovely to handle and look at.
Talking Stick Prayer Wheel Style representing the universe, the four sacred directions and your circle of life.
Talking Stick Prayer Wheel Style representing the universe, the four sacred directions and your circle of life.
Buckskin wrapped beaded handle with a medicine bag for your protection. Made by Curtis Bitsui
Talking Stick Dreamcatcher Style to catch the beauty of the Dreamcatcher Legend.
Talking Stick Dreamcatcher Style to catch the beauty of the Dreamcatcher Legend.
Buckskin wrapped, with beaded handle and medicine bag for protection. Made by Curtis Bitsui
Long Talking Stick
Long Talking Stick
Bucksin and Beaded Handle with Beautiful soft Rabbit Fur. Handmade by Wet Foot
Horse Talking Stick
Horse Talking Stick
Buckskin wrapped with Feather and Long Horse Hair Tassle
Talking Sticks are a ceremonial tool. The person holding the stick can speak whilst others listen. It is not about hogging the conversation but helping to bring a balance of input from all who participate with out interruption. The Rabbit Fur is to help find soft words from the heart combined with feathers to bring courage to speak your truth.

Smudge Sticks and Abalone Shell Dishes Now In Stock.....

All the rain may be causing us problems out on the roads and not so nice to walk the dogs in but it is, as Diana Cooper says, a much needed environmental cleansing process.
At an personal level if we don't cleanse ourselves we eventually become sluggish, tired or even ill and of course clean water plays an important part in that process of detoxification and regeneration.
But what about our energy body and our home environment. Energetic space needs cleansing and organizing to allow for balance, health, harmony, regeneration and growth.
Native Indians use various methods to maintain, clear and repair the body, mind and spirit and the spaces around including home. Methods such as the fasting, using a sweat lodge and smudging with herb smoke as a means toward ritual cleanliness.
White sage smudge stick abalone dish and standThe ritual of smudging can be defined as "spiritual house cleaning."
Californian White Sage (salvia apiana)The types of herbage used for smudging are seen as sacred and can vary but White Sage (salvia apiana) is considered one of the best plants to use. It is interesting to note that Salvia comes from the Latin root salvare, which means "to heal".
Other herbs can be used such a sweetgrass also known as Buffalo grass and used for weaving baskets, lavender and cedar.
SweetgrassSmudging FeatherSweetgrass is used to attract positive energies. Lavender is used for invoking peace and happiness with restful sleep. Cedar is for blessing and cleansing.
The herbs are wrapped into bundles or burned loose in dishes such as abalone dishes. The smoke is wafted around the person or space with feathers.
Smudge bundlesNizhoni now has in Stock Mini Smudge Sticks of West Coast White Sage, Large blended Smudge Sticks with Desert Sage, Sweetgrass and Cedar and Mini Lavender Fields sticks with Lavender, Desert Sage and Cedar.
Abalone shell and stand
The Abalone shell dishes are large sized approx 6-7" and come with wooden tripods.
Click on the pictures and you will be taken to the Smudge Sticks we have on offer.

New Year - New Ownership

Nizhoni - as of Jan 12th 2013 is under new ownership.
Hello to all of you visiting the Nizhoni blog........
It is a new year and a new stage in the life of Nizhoni.
For the next month or so, on the surface, not so much will change on the site, but gradually I hope to unfold and introduce some new ideas and new pieces of beauty and craftsmanship from our Native American friends.  I wish to continue the theme of genuine and authentic to honour the amazing skills, love and respect with which these items are made.  
I thank Heidi for creating Nizhoni with such love and care and for being such a nice genuine person to do business with in the selling and handing over of her business.
I hope you will continue to enjoy Nizhoni and the many beauiful pieces of art and crafts on offer.
I thank you for visiting and being patient whilst any updates occur and for any prospective is open as normal:-)
May you all have a Happy New Year 2013.
Sue White