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Native American Indian artists pride themselves on their work and often use the highest quality materials. Hence, authentic Native American Indian jewelry will most commonly be sterling silver. The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 mandates that the terms “Native American” and “Indian” can only be used to label a product created by a member of a state- or federally-recognized tribe or nation. The presence of a hallmark, a silversmith’s signature, or both, usually indicates an authentic piece. However, not all artists “sign” their work, so the absence of a hallmark cannot be taken as an authoritative test of authenticity.  Other signs of authenticity include the quality of materials used in the piece.  Where possible we have stated in the description any hallmarks that are present on each piece and/or which tribe the artist belongs to. Please note : colours may vary slightly from the photographs. Please double click for larger image of items.

Royston Boulder Turquiose Necklace
Genuine Native American Hand crafted. Natural Royston host rock pendant known as 'Boulder Turquoise' set in Sterling Silver. Hallmark signed AG. Measures approx 4 cm long including bail and max width 1.8cm. Sterling Silver Earrings to Match also available.
Price: £54.99
Zuni Bear Jet
Beautifully made Zuni Bear made with Jet with Opal Inlay on Solid Silver Back. Stamped Sterling. Bear measures across from nose to tail approx 26mm. Comes complete with 18" 925 Silver Curb Chain.
Price: £44.99
Dream Catcher Necklace
Navajo Made Sterling Silver Necklace with Dream Catcher woven in Silver with turquoise beads and Feather attached. Necklace length end to end 18 inches. Dream Catcher measures 25mm in diameter. Pendant measure 55mm in length including feather.
Price: £22.00
Zuni Abalone Bear
Abalone Shell Bear. Handmade and mounted on Sterling Silver. Hallmarked stamped Sterling. Comes with Silver Chain.
Price: £25.99
Zuni Bear Multi Stone
Navajo Made Liquid Sterling Silver Necklace with Turquoise and bone beading with Colourful Multi Gem Inlaid Bear Pendant with Sterling Silver Feather. Necklace length end to end 18 inches. Bear measures 15mm across and 35mm in length including feather.
Price: £23.99
Zuni Bear Turquoise
Navajo Made Liquid Sterling Silver Necklace with Turquoise beading with Turquoise Bear Pendant and Feather. Necklace length end to end 18 inches. Bear measures 15 mm across and 35 mm in length including feather.
Price: £22.99
Bear Paw Necklace
Liquid Silver Navajo made Bear Paw necklace with turquoise beading. Pendant length 40 mm including feathers. Necklace length end to end 18 inches.
Price: £22.00
White Buffalo Pendant
White Buffalo Turquoise from the Dry Creek Mine. Set in Silver with traditional silver style setting. Very Special piece. Large pendant measuring approx 60mm in length including Bail. Made by the famous Navajo Jeweller and Silversmith Larry Ruiz. Hallmarked LR Sterling. Sale Price as shown
Price: £60.00
Blue Dentritic Jasper Pendant
Unusual, beautifully marked Large Blue Dentritic Jasper Cabachon. Set in Sterling Silver Saw Tooth Bezel with Traditional Silver work by the Navajo Silversmith Larry Ruiz. Measures approx 68mm in length including the bail. Hallmarked LR sterling on back. Sale Price as Shown
Price: £60.00
Zuni Cross
Sterling Silver with Turqoise, Jet and Mother of Pearl Inlay. Cross measures 15mm x 20mm. Hallmark Signed F. Chapita Zuni. 16" Silver chain.
Price: £21.99
Liquid Silver and Opal Necklace - SOLD
Native Made Liquid Silver with pretty Opal Pendant. All Sterling Silver including finishings. Handcrafted and Hallmarked ST EP.
Pendant measures 25 mm in length. Necklace measures 18" end to end.
Price: £29.99
Zuni Arrow Pendant (SOLD)
Zuni Arrow made with Jet, Jasper and Tigers Eye Inlays on a Solid Sterling Silver Back. Hallmarked DG Sterling. Arrow measures approx 43mm in length including bail. Comes with 18" 925 Silver Snake Chain.
Price: £49.99